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Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami Province by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Item Number: 920535

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 920535
Price: $295.00

Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami Province  by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Hokusai (1760 - 1849) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami Province
Series; A Tour of Japanese Waterfalls

Hokusai’s Waterfall Prints - Hokusai's waterfall series was a set of eight oban prints published by the same publisher of his "Thirty-six views of Fuji" series, Eijudo. The human figures are always dwarfed by the fantastic scale of the waterfalls. Hokusai expanded on one of his favorite themes with the waterfall series - a contrasting of the mass and majesty of nature with the small, fragile human form. This theme was often a theme for the "Thirty-six views of Fuji" series. However, in the waterfall series, as opposed to the still and immobile Fuji, the waterfalls crash and roar, crawling over rocks and falling through the air, Hokusai perfectly captures the experience of a large waterfall for the viewer. The designs for the waterfall series are, without question, Hokusai masterworks. Reprints of this incredible series are quite rare, so don't miss this opportunity to bid now!

Publisher - Adachi from a rare series of Edo masterwork designs. Adachi publisher seal in margin or on reverse.

Adachi was one of the most respected publishers of the 20th century. Their woodblocks were printed to the highest standards with excellent color and fine detail. Founded in 1925, Adachi also chose interesting and varied subjects for their prints and was the only publisher of many famous old ukiyo-e images.

Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami Province - Fantastic reprint of one of the incredibly rare Hokusai waterfall prints from his beautiful series of eight waterfalls. The long, narrow stream of the Roben waterfall falls to a gently wavy bathing pool where locals cool themselves and bathe in the shallow water. To the right of the water is a small teahouse and bathhouse where visitors get a dry towel and rest with a cup of tea. A terrific image.

Artist - Hokusai (1760 - 1849)
Image Size - 15 1/4" x 10" + margins as shown
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Please see photos for details. Nice overall.

Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami Province  by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Roben Waterfall at Oyama in Sagami Province  by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

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