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Palanquin Bearers and Kamuro, 1887 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Item Number: 899120

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 899120
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Palanquin Bearers and Kamuro, 1887 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Original Chikanobu (1838 - 1912) Japanese Woodblock Print
Palanquin Bearers and Kamuro, 1887

Comments - Handsome scene from the kabuki play commonly known as "Modori Kago," about two palanquin bearers named Azuma no Yoshiro and Naniwa no Jirosaku and their passenger. During a brief rest stop, the two bearers are intrigued by the identity of their passenger, so they coax her out and learn that her name is Tayori, and she is a kamuro or apprentice courtesan. The trio has fun play acting and pretending to visit the pleasure quarters. Here, Tayori strikes a pose between the pair, throwing her arms up above her head. At right, Jirosaku leans forward aggressively, staring at his fellow bearer, Yoshiro, who returns his gaze with a suspicious frown. Blossoming cherry trees frame the red sky overhead. Includes metallic pigment that has oxidized to a dark tone on Tayori's hair ornament, and burnishing on the black kimono and the black lacquer trim of the palanquin. From left, the actors are Onoe Kikugoro, Nakamura Fukusuke, and Ichikawa Danjuro. A great design with an attractive setting.

Artist - Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)
Image Size - 14 1/4" x 27 7/8" + margins as shown
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Three separate panels. Slight toning, a few creases and marks. Please see photos for details.

Palanquin Bearers and Kamuro, 1887 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Palanquin Bearers and Kamuro, 1887 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

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