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Swallows and Green Pheasant by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Item Number: 891834

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 891834
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This item was purchased by braddweber

Swallows and Green Pheasant by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Utamaro (1750 - 1806) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Swallows and Green Pheasant
Series; A Chorus of Birds

A Chorus of Birds - Originally published in 1790 by Utamaro, a Chorus of Birds (momo chidori) was one of three nature albums in a trilogy that included birds, shells and insects. Each subject depicted various birds in their natural environments and included kyoka, a short form of comic poetry, written above. These lovely reprints reproduce the serene, elegant beauty of the originals, matching them in color and detail. Take a look through these beautiful prints and pick out a few of your favorite designs from the series.

Yuyudo Publisher - In the early 20th century, the Yuyudo publishing house had already distinguished themselves as one of the finest publishers in Japan. They adhered to the same exacting standards of 19th century publishers while some of their publishing colleagues took shortcuts. In the 1950's, as interest Edo era woodblock prints was reigniting, Yuyudo embarked upon a project to produce reprints by the great masters from the Golden Age of Ukiyo-e. They hired the finest woodblock printers and carvers in the world for this endeavor. The resulting prints were some of the highest quality reproductions ever made. We are pleased to offer this beautiful reprint from the Yuyudo publisher in our auctions today.  Yuyudo prints are exceptionally well done and very finely printed. Each bears a Yuyudo Publisher stamp on the margin or reverse. Bid now on prints from this fantastic collection!

Artist - Utamaro (1750 - 1806)
Image Size - 9" x 14 3/4" + margins as shown
Condition - Excellent overall with no issues to report.

Swallows and Green Pheasant by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Swallows and Green Pheasant by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

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