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Fuji Arts Office Tour
From the Penthouse to the Urban Loft
Our first Fuji Arts home was a stunning penthouse office suite at the top floor of a downtown building overlooking the city. We sure loved the views and the changing seasons!

But recently the time came to move and we landed a fantastic, renovated urban loft on Ann Arbor's trendy Main St. – wow! The loft really suits us and we love it here. There is no question; this is where Fuji Arts belongs!

So, come on in, we're here to give you an online tour! Grab a cup of coffee and hang out with us at Fuji Arts. We've all pitched in to show you around . . .
Our Great Location on Main Street (above The Chop House)

Our Great Location on Main Street (above The Chop House)

"Our new location makes it easy to meet friends for dinner at any of downtown Ann Arbor's fine restaurants." -Kevin

"We enjoy being just above the fray and watching our neighbors go about their day." -Bill

The Front Door   Our Samurai Armor

The Front Door

"Changing offices provided a fun opportunity to make a colorful graphic for our entryway." -Phil


Our Samurai Armor

"The Fuji Arts baby, Evelyn, is fascinated by the samurai armor!" -Heather

The North Side of the Office (Kitchen and Bill's Office)   Taking a Break in the Kitchen

The North Side of the Office (Kitchen and Bill's Office)

"There is so much countertop and tabletop space to use for work and collaboration, or even sharing lunch. It's fantastic!" -Heather


Taking a Break in the Kitchen

"The kitchen is awesome! I like to eat at the counter or the table, and it's also a great gathering place. Here we're sampling a traditional Japanese dessert from a friend in Kyoto." -David

Bill's Office

Bill's Office

"My new office is perfect! It's much easier to interact and have fun with everyone from here." -Bill

The South Side of the Office (Workstations)   The Shipping Station

The South Side of the Office (Workstations)

"This is an amazing workspace. I have so much room, and it's perfect for working together as a team." -David

"The high ceilings and natural light coming in from the windows and skylights really makes this a great environment to work in." -Jason

"Our spacious new work station is great, with plenty of room to spread out prints and reference books." -Paula


The Shipping Station

"I really enjoy having all of this workspace in my new shipping area. It's really helped improve efficiency." -Jason

A Beautiful Office-Warming Gift   Daikoku – The Fuji Arts Patron Lucky God

A Beautiful Office-Warming Gift

"A Fuji themed office-warming gift from my father, my business mentor. I'm fortunate to still rely on his wise, caring business counsel." -Bill


Daikoku – The Fuji Arts Patron Lucky God

"This fine Meiji Daikoku was a gift to Fuji Arts from a dear friend in Japan and has brought us much luck!" -Bill

The Fuji Arts Workplace
Bill emphasizes a comfortable, quality, organized and friendly workplace for everyone working at Fuji Arts. We work hard and we love what we do!

Our office reflects our values as a company: professionalism with a casual slant, quality in our work and in our work environment, modern design and state of the art technology for the internet's most active Japanese print sales website. We know that you'll sense our commitment, and experience our service excellence when you shop with us.

And, hey, thanks for dropping in! It sure was a pleasure to have you.
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