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Item   Price Bidding Details
Treescene 147, 2013
Namiki (born 1947)
$595.00 Fixed Price
Spring (Haru), 2005
Paul Binnie (born 1967)
$650.00 Fixed Price
Autumn (Aki), 2004
Paul Binnie (born 1967)
$650.00 Fixed Price
Ceremonial Ship
Tachihara Inuki (1951 - 2015)
Exceptionally rare, limited edition original Tachihara Inuki
$325.00 Fixed Price
Stone Wall Street
Teruhide Kato (born 1936)
Beautiful contemporary print by Kyoto artist Kato
$185.00 Fixed Price
Winter (Fuyu), 2003
Paul Binnie (born 1967)
$650.00 Fixed Price
Cherry Trees at Evening (Yozakura), 1980
Hayashi Waichi (born 1951)
Beautiful large contemporary print
$465.00 Fixed Price
If You Move Your Feet You Get Somewhere
Clifton Karhu (1927 - 2007)
One of a kind, framed, original painted votive plaque
$785.00 Fixed Price
Okugusa in Kyoto, 1986
Tanaka Ryohei (born 1933)
Beautiful, limited edition, pencil signed etching
$755.00 Fixed Price
Generations, 2005
Joshua Rome (born 1953)
A wonderful 20th century design
$1285.00 Fixed Price
Forgotten Way, 1993
Joshua Rome (born 1953)
$685.00 Fixed Price

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