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Camellia and Bullfinch by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

Item Number: 997585

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 997585
Price: $135.00

Camellia and Bullfinch by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

Hiroshige (1797 - 1858) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Camellia and Bullfinch

Comments - Delightful design of a small green bullfinch clinging to the slender branch of a flowering camellia, balancing precariously almost upside-down as the branch sways in the breeze. Bright pink and rose flowers add a colorful note against the softly shaded background. A beautiful image with a wonderful asymmetrical balance. Published by Uchida with publisher's seal in lower right margin. The verse reads:

Withered camellias--
all the sweeping that goes on
after they've fallen!

Artist - Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)
Image Size - 15 1/4" x 5 1/8" + margins as shown
Condition - Excellent overall with no issues to report.

Camellia and Bullfinch by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

Camellia and Bullfinch by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

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