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January: The Shuttlecock by Miyagawa Shuntei (1873 - 1914)

Item Number: 986626

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 986626
Price: $385.00

January: The Shuttlecock by Miyagawa Shuntei (1873 - 1914)

Original Miyagawa Shuntei (1873 - 1914) Japanese Woodblock Print
January: The Shuttlecock
Series; Twelve Months of Beauties, 1898

January: The Shuttlecock - Charming image of beauties playing games at New Year's. The beauty at left holds up a decorated battledore for a traditional holiday game similar to badminton. She hurries away, being chased by a playful young woman who runs after her with a brush, trying to daub her with ink. At right, a small girl and her mother giggle with amusement as they watch the pair, a shuttlecock lying on the ground before them. In the center, a yakko-dako or man kite is tangled in the branches of a bare plum tree, a reminder of the popularity of flying kites for the New Year. A delightful scene with soft shading and attractive color in the elegant kimono, and burnishing on the black geta clogs.

Artist - Miyagawa Shuntei (1873 - 1914)
Image Size - 13 7/8" x 28"
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Three separate panels. Holes, repaired. Creasing, vertical fold in left panel. Please see photos for details.

January: The Shuttlecock by Miyagawa Shuntei (1873 - 1914)

January: The Shuttlecock by Miyagawa Shuntei (1873 - 1914)

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