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Laughing Demoness by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Item Number: 969779

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 969779
Item Closed
This item was purchased by ArtBupkis

Laughing Demoness by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Hokusai (1760 - 1849) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Laughing Demoness
Series; One Hundred Ghost Stories

Laughing Demoness - Gruesome, ghoulish portrait of a laughing hannya, a woman whose jealousy has transformed her into a horned demon. In this masterwork, Hokusai has combined the image of the hannya with the legend of yamauba, a wild mountain fiend that feasted on infants. The leering, grimacing creature laughingly points to the severed baby's head in its other hand with a pointed fingernail, blood spattered around its fierce fangs. Sharply curving horns protrude from the rough shaggy hair on her head, and the face is hideously wrinkled. An incredible, dramatic image in which Hokusai brings this awful demon to life, detailed with fine bokashi shading.

Artist - Hokusai (1760 - 1849)
Image Size - 10 1/4" x 7 3/8"
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Please see photos for details. Excellent overall.

Laughing Demoness by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Laughing Demoness by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

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