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Applying Makeup, No. 2, 1930 by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1897 - 1948)

Item Number: 957084

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Shin-hanga & Modern, 1900 -
Item Number: 957084
Price: $8350.00

Applying Makeup, No. 2, 1930 by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1897 - 1948)

Original Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1897 - 1948) Japanese Woodblock Print
Applying Makeup, No. 2, 1930
Series; Women's Manners of Today

Applying Makeup, No. 2, 1930 - Lovely shin-hanga portrait of a beauty powdering her face. Her kimono is pushed down around her waist, baring her shoulders, and she gently applies the powder with a large red lacquer brush. Her hair is pulled loosely back into a soft knot adorned with a tie-dyed ribbon. Her red kimono features an intricate tie-dyed geometric pattern, trimmed with a blue collar with colorful, delicately embossed blossoms and slender leaves. The gray background has a subtle texture from a technique known as baren sujizuri (swirling baren marks).

A classic bijin subject by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi, which was privately published in an edition of 100 with seal in lower left margin. The number of this print is not filled in; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has this image in their collection and it does not have an individual number either. This is an exceptional collector’s print from the shin-hanga tradition, a rare and highly desirable beauty subject.

Artist - Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1897 - 1948)
Image Size - 17 1/8" x 11 3/8" + margins as shown
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Horizontal folds. Creasing, slight soiling, a few small spots, slight bleeding in margins from blue ink. Please see photos for details.

Applying Makeup, No. 2, 1930 by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1897 - 1948)

Applying Makeup, No. 2, 1930 by Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1897 - 1948)

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