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Bridge, 1970 by Oka Shikanosuke (1898 - 1978)

Item Number: 915927

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Contemporary
Item Number: 915927
Item Closed
This item was purchased by BrooksKCMo

Bridge, 1970 by Oka Shikanosuke (1898 - 1978)

Original Oka Shikanosuke (1898 - 1978) Japanese Woodblock Print
Bridge, 1970
Series; Oka Shikanosuke Print Collection, 1st Set

Oka Shikanosuke - Born in Tokyo, Oka Shikanosuke studied Western painting at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. After graduating in 1924, Oka lived and worked in France for the next fourteen years, continuing his studies in oil painting. He is best known for his landscapes of Europe and still-lifes. His romantic views feature soft color and simplified shapes. In 1970, the Kato Print Institute published two series of woodblocks based on Oka's paintings. His attractive designs are rarely seen in the market.

Publisher - Kato Print Institute
Edition - from a limited edition of 150 (not individually numbered)

Artist - Oka Shikanosuke (1898 - 1978)
Image Size - 11 3/4" x 16 1/8" + margins as shown
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. A couple light creases at edges. Please see photos for details. Nice overall.

Bridge, 1970 by Oka Shikanosuke (1898 - 1978)

Bridge, 1970 by Oka Shikanosuke (1898 - 1978)

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