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Kesa Gozen and Endo Musha Morito, 1883 by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

Item Number: 899072

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Auction Type: Standard Auction
Auction Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 899072
Item Closed

Kesa Gozen and Endo Musha Morito, 1883 by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

Original Kunichika (1835 - 1900) Japanese Woodblock Print
Kesa Gozen and Endo Musha Morito, 1883

Comments - Handsome kabuki scene from the tale of the beautiful Kesa Gozen, a happily married woman who became the object of the samurai Endo Musha Morito's obsession. Although she rejected his advances, he persisted in his attentions. Afraid that Endo might harm her husband, she convinced him to murder her husband one night in their bedroom. She then cut off her hair and took her husband's place in the dark room, and Endo murdered her by mistake. Her, she stands in a room, looking over her shoulder with a sober smile at the man seated beside her. An attendant pours sake into the cup held out in his hand as he frowns back at the beauty. At right, Endo Musha Morito eavesdrops behind a shoji panel, tilting his head as he listens. His thick hair is pulled back into a ponytail with a bushy end, and he has a narrow beard. A candle glows in a lamp at center, the room overlooking a garden pond framed by colorful maple trees, a full moon shining in the night sky. Sukedakaya Takasuke IV plays Kesa Gozen and Ichikawa Danjuro IX appears as Endo Musha Morito. Nice large figures with vibrant color.

Artist - Kunichika (1835 - 1900)
Image Size - 14" x 27 7/8"
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Three attached panels, backed with paper. Very slight soiling. Please see photos for details. Nice overall.

Kesa Gozen and Endo Musha Morito, 1883 by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

Kesa Gozen and Endo Musha Morito, 1883 by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

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