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Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's Wife by Yasuji Inoue (1864 - 1889)

Item Number: 894665

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Auction Type: Standard Auction
Auction Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 894665
Item Closed

Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's Wife by Yasuji Inoue (1864 - 1889)

Original Yasuji Inoue (1864 - 1889) Japanese Woodblock Print
Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's Wife
Series: Foundations of Morality and Success
Kyodo Risshi no Motoi

Foundations of Morality and Success - Many artists created designs for this long-running newspaper series depicting both contemporary and historical heroes and heroines. These exemplary individuals were thought to embody values to both inspire and encourage readers. The series was published by Heikichi Matsuki of the Daikokuya publishing firm, a company established in 1763 and known for its high quality woodblock designs. Daikokuya commissioned leading artists of the day, such as Yoshitoshi, Toshikata, Kiyochika, and Kunichika, to create these wonderful designs. Beautifully detailed with fine line work and soft shading, these great Meiji era prints were singled out for recognition by the Japanese government when the series was completed in 1890 for encompassing such uplifting and noble subjects. First edition prints feature a patterned border in a variety of colors, while the 1902 edition has plain paper borders. A fascinating series and a great choice for a collector interested in life in late 19th century Japan.

Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's Wife - Handsome design showing the wife of samurai Yamanouchi Kazutoyo going through a small makeup chest to find some money she has hidden away. She selflessly gave the funds to her husband so that he could buy a horse for his master, Lord Oda Nobunaga. She pauses for moment to look over her shoulder as her husband sits in the other room, frowning unhappily. A small lacquer box and combs are scattered across the floor, and a calligraphy painting of a horse hangs on the wall. Wonderful detail in the household setting and furnishings.

Artist - Yasuji Inoue (1864 - 1889)
Image Size - 13 7/8" x 9 3/8"
Condition - With excellent color and detail as shown. Backed paper. Slight soiling, a few prints have slight rubbing or a few small spots. Please see photos for a sense of individual condition. Generally in nice condition overall.

Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's Wife by Yasuji Inoue (1864 - 1889)

Yamanouchi Kazutoyo's Wife by Yasuji Inoue (1864 - 1889)

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