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Sukeroku, Agemaki, and Ikyu, 1870 by Yoshiiku (1833 - 1904)

Item Number: 875373

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Auction Type: Standard Auction
Auction Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 875373
Item Closed

Sukeroku, Agemaki, and Ikyu, 1870 by Yoshiiku (1833 - 1904)

Original Yoshiiku (1833 - 1904) Japanese Woodblock Print
Sukeroku, Agemaki, and Ikyu, 1870

Comments - Handsome kabuki scene of the otokodate or street knight Hanakawado Sukeroku at left arguing with the elderly samurai Ikyu at right. They are both in love with the courtesan Agemaki, who stands between them smiling sweetly, attempting to diffuse their tempers. Stars twinkling in the night sky above, creating an unusual setting for the group. From left, the actors are Sawamura Tossho as the white sake seller Shinbei, Onoe Kikugoro, Iwai Shijaku, and Nakamura Shikan. Nicely detailed with burnishing on the black birds on the sake seller's kimono, Sukeroku's black kimono, and the black areas of the beauty's kimono, plus embossing on Ikyu's white hair and beard and Agemaki's white kimono collars.

Artist - Yoshiiku (1833 - 1904)
Image Size - 14 1/8" x 28 1/8" + margins as shown
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Three separate panels. Hole, repaired. Tape residue on reverse at sides from previous attachment, a few creases and whitish spots. Please see photos for details.

Sukeroku, Agemaki, and Ikyu, 1870 by Yoshiiku (1833 - 1904)

Sukeroku, Agemaki, and Ikyu, 1870 by Yoshiiku (1833 - 1904)

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