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Reflective Love by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Item Number: 872406

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 872406
Price: $148.98

Reflective Love by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Utamaro (1750 - 1806) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Reflective Love
Series; Anthology of Poems: The Love Section
Selected Famous Works - Mainichi Shimbun Publisher

Mainichi Shimbun Publisher - From a fine collection of mid-20th century Utamaro reprints published by Mainichi Shimbun. This small Tokyo publisher carved blocks and reprinted many of the great masterwork designs of the Edo era. Their work was exquisite with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. Note the exceptional detail, carefully shaded printing, fine mica backgrounds, embossing, and other deluxe techniques. Mainichi prints are perfect for the collector or for the highest quality reprint for display.

Reflective Love - Lovely portrait of a beauty looking over her shoulder, her hand held to her cheek. She wears a gray kimono with an intricate pattern of flying birds and tiny dots over a plum colored under robe with a seashell design. Her hair is pulled back into a sleek bun with wings at the side, ornamented with a simple comb and a few hairpins, and her eyebrows are shaved. A wonderful Utamaro design in the highly prized large head format, beautifully detailed with fine line work in the hair and a shimmering pale pink mica background. A terrific choice for display.

Artist - Utamaro (1750 - 1806)
Image Size - 14 7/8" x 10 1/4" + margins as shown
Condition - With excellent color and detail. Please see photos for details.

Reflective Love by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Reflective Love by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

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