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Surrender of the Aizu Clan by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

Item Number: 854455

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 854455
Item Closed
This item was purchased by Kyleiwanaga

Surrender of the Aizu Clan by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Surrender of the Aizu Clan

Comments - Intriguing illustration of the surrender of the Aizu Clan during the Boshin War of 1868 - 1869 between samurai loyal to the shogunate and Imperial troops. Overwhelmed by the modern weapons of the emperor's army and suffering heavy casualties, the Aizu surrendered on September 22, 1868 after the fall of Wakamatsu Castle. Here, the samurai leaders capitulate to the Imperial Army, wearing kamishimo made of hemp and without their swords. One by one, they step onto a red mat in front of seated army generals, who regard them sternly, the fellow at right gesturing with his fan. The walls of the castle can be seen still standing at left. A fascinating historic image. The first time we have seen this subject in reprint.

Artist - Meiji era artist (unsigned)
Image Size - 14 3/8" x 27 5/8" + margins as shown
Condition - Three separate panels. Excellent condition overall with no issues to report.

Surrender of the Aizu Clan by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

Surrender of the Aizu Clan by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

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