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Pheasants and Peach Blossoms Surimono by Shunman (1757 - 1820)

Item Number: 814063

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Fine Woodblock Reprints
Item Number: 814063
Price: $52.97

Pheasants and Peach Blossoms Surimono by Shunman (1757 - 1820)

Shunman (1757 - 1820) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Pheasants and Peach Blossoms Surimono
Series; Seven Bird and Flower Prints for the Fuyoren of Kanuma in Shimotsuke Province

Surimono - Surimono are an exclusive subcategory of Japanese woodblock prints. Poetry clubs commissioned these designs for distribution to a small audience of members, most often as New Year's greetings. These privately published images included a wonderful range of subjects and lavish printing techniques such as embossing, burnishing, and metallic pigments. Since surimono were not sold commercially, the print runs were very small and original Edo era surimono are incredibly rare in the market today. These fine quality suriomono reprints offer a great way to collect these classic designs at an affordable price.

Pheasants and Peach Blossoms Surimono - Attractive print of a male pheasant standing on a small mound showing off his plumage, while a hen peers out from under his long tail feathers. A peach tree with blossoms and red buds makes a nice backdrop.

Artist - Shunman (1757 - 1820)
Image Size - 8 3/8" x 7"
Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Paper remnant on reverse at side from previous album inclusion. Slight toning. Some prints have slight soiling at edges, or a few spots or creases. Please see photos for details. Generally in good condition overall.

Pheasants and Peach Blossoms Surimono by Shunman (1757 - 1820)

Pheasants and Peach Blossoms Surimono by Shunman (1757 - 1820)

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