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Plum Garden at Kameido by Kiyochika (1847 - 1915)

Item Number: 810683

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 810683
Item Closed

Plum Garden at Kameido by Kiyochika (1847 - 1915)

Original Kiyochika (1847 - 1915) Japanese Woodblock Print
Plum Garden at Kameido

Kobayashi Kiyochika - Because of his place in history and the changing times in Japan while he was active, Kiyochika is considered both the last important ukiyo-e master and the first noteworthy print artist of modern Japan. Kiyochika studied photography with a pioneer in the field in Yokohama, and also Western-style painting. Kiyochika's style combines Western-style depiction of light and shade with contemporary subjects such as brick buildings and street cars, reflecting the rapid modernization of Japan during the Meiji era. Kiyochika bridges the transition from Edo era ukiyo-e to Meiji woodblock prints.

Comments - Attractive view of the famous plum garden at Kameido in early spring, the trees covered with blossoms. Visitors relax at a tea stand on the grounds, sitting on benches as they enjoy the beautiful scenery, several of the men smoking pipes. In the center, a young child in a plaid kimono toddles alongside his mother. A handsome design.

Artist - Kiyochika (1847 - 1915)
Image Size - 8" x 12 3/8" + margins as shown
Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Small hole, repaired. Slight toning and soiling, a few stains. Please see photos for details.

Plum Garden at Kameido by Kiyochika (1847 - 1915)

Plum Garden at Kameido by Kiyochika (1847 - 1915)

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