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Lady Tokiwa Fleeing Kabuki Paper Model Set, 1903 by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

Item Number: 634209

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Item Type: Fixed Price Item
Item Category: Meiji Era, 1868 - 1912
Item Number: 634209
Price: $450.00

Lady Tokiwa Fleeing Kabuki Paper Model Set, 1903 by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

Meiji era Original Japanese Woodblock Print Set
Lady Tokiwa Fleeing Kabuki Paper Model Set, 1903

Paper Model Sets - Fuji Arts is pleased to offer a terrific group of complete and uncut paper model sets. These entertaining 19th century prints were designed to be cut apart and formed into three-dimensional models. An inset cartouche provides an example of the finished scene once assembled. Using the scene as a guide, the model builder could cut out the different components of the scene from the prints and create the model. Sets usually include a variety of figures, accessories, and background elements, brightly colored and nicely detailed, with subjects ranging from kabuki plays to famous samurai battles.

Not many complete sets survive. Collectors are lucky to own a single print from a model set - a complete paper model scene is an almost unprecedented opportunity. These are incredibly rare pieces and would make a terrific addition to any collection. Take advantage of this great opportunity before it passes you by - bid now!

Comments - Great three panel kabuki paper model set depicting Tokiwa Gozen and her three sons escaping through the snow after her husband, Minamoto no Yoshitomo, was murdered by the Taira. She wears a blue kimono, holding her infant son to her chest as she lifts her hat. Her two older boys wear red kimono tucked into purple pants, one of them blowing on his hands to warm them. The Taira warrior Munekiyo watches them, holding an umbrella. The extensive landscape setting including snow-covered hills dotted with pines and nandina bushes covered with red berries, a bridge, a small red structure, and the interior of another building. A terrific illustration from this famous tale, uncut and complete in three panels.

Artist - Meiji era artist (unsigned)
Image Size - Each panel approximately 13 5/8" x 8 7/8" + margins as shown
Condition - This item with separate panels. Bright and clean. One small hole in top corner from previous string binding, as is usual for paper model prints. Please see photos for details.

Lady Tokiwa Fleeing Kabuki Paper Model Set, 1903 by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

Lady Tokiwa Fleeing Kabuki Paper Model Set, 1903 by Meiji era artist (unsigned)

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