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Meet Fuji Arts
We're glad to make your acquaintance. Thanks for visiting !

Fuji Arts is a unique company where collectors and dealers shop our huge and constantly changing selection of exceptional Japanese prints. Our first priority is the customer, so you can expect excellent service – always! Fuji Arts is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the USA where we live, work and play. Take a minute to meet the team below, and then take a tour of our office. With this page we'd like to put faces behind the emails and phone conversations. We hope to get to know you!
Bill Fagan
Bill Fagan is the founder and president of Fuji Arts. He worked in his family's gallery business for eleven years before starting Fuji Arts in 2000. Bill envisioned Fuji Arts as a unique company; bringing an unprecedented range and volume of Japanese prints to a worldwide audience on the internet. The response has been overwhelming and Fuji Arts is now the largest volume Japanese print retailer in the world. For many would-be collectors, the art world can be off-putting with a "nose in the air" attitude that seems unnecessary to us. Bill prefers friendly "service with a smile" minus the attitude. We think you'll notice the difference. A sincere "thank you" from Bill to all of our clients, we appreciate your business!

Contact Bill at
Kevin Maun
Kevin Maun is Fuji Arts vice-president. Kevin oversees the daily marketing effort on the Fuji Arts website. His leadership and passion were integral in making this website the most active Japanese print selling site on the internet. Many of our regular clients know Kevin, and they appreciate his thoughtful interactions, product knowledge, and his commitment to a superior shopping experience at Fuji Arts. We appreciate Kevin's commitment to Fuji Arts and his leadership in the company.

Contact Kevin at
Phil Harney
Phil Harney specializes in computer graphics at Fuji Arts. He has a keen eye for detail and color and produces most of the photos for the website. Phil is a perfectionist and we think his photos are the best Japanese print photos on the internet. Phil is also the Fuji Arts leader and expert on shipping issues. He takes pride in his accuracy, and with his care we can guarantee that you receive exactly what you ordered, shipped in a timely manner, no matter where you might be in the world.

Contact Phil at
Heather Maun
Heather Maun is the Fuji Arts webmaster. After dazzling us with her ability to get our new website off the ground she set about implementing state of the art technical management tools at the company. Heather has made Fuji Arts the most technically advanced company in the business which helped push the Fuji Arts website to the undisputed volume leader. This website is designed to be compelling, polished, and efficient, and we trust you'll find it to be so. Heather's ongoing work on the website and her solutions to high level technical issues are invaluable as Fuji Arts continues to grow.

Contact Heather at
Paula Doe
Paula Doe is Fuji Arts research director. She prepares most Fuji Arts descriptions and shares her knowledge throughout the day as we prepare our daily postings. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art and Master of Arts in museum studies, and she came to Fuji Arts with both museum and gallery experience. Her careful research and thoughtful writing help our customers make informed decisions in their collecting. Her enthusiasm and expertise make Paula a valued leader in our company.

Contact Paula at
David Foerster
David Foerster is Fuji Arts director of international sales. He heads Fuji Arts sales department and customer contacts. His capable, good natured, friendly manner make David the perfect first point of contact for our clients. At Fuji Arts we service a large volume of international orders and David makes sure that every client, domestic and international, receives the professional Fuji Arts service that is a hallmark of our company. David also has a background and interest in Asian art, and extensive travel experience in Asia, giving him unique insight into the Fuji Arts business.

Contact David at
Jared Fadden
Jared Fadden heads up the Fuji Arts shipping department and works as our research assistant. We ship thousands of parcels every year, all over the world, virtually error free. Jared makes sure that your parcel is packaged carefully and attractively, and sent to the correct address, with the requested service. Jared also works with Paula as her research assistant, helping identify and prepare items for sale. Jared came to Fuji Arts with a merchandising and retail background that is a great fit considering our high retail volume.

Contact Jared at
Where are we?

Fuji Arts is located in a fantastic renovated urban loft office on Ann Arbor's popular Main St. Bustling with street side cafés, restaurants and trendy shopping, we enjoy being just above the fray and watching our neighbors go about their day. It's an office, and it's bit homey. That suits us perfectly – we're the Fuji Arts family.

Come take a tour of our office!

Where do we sell?
Fuji Arts has sold in all corners of the globe – Over 175,000 prints shipped to 58 countries across 6 continents!  
A Note From Bill:
Well, that's who we are! We care about this company, and our clients, and we realize that without you there would be no Fuji Arts. I know that it's a privilege to work with those who have chosen Fuji Arts as their workplace, so it's a priority that Fuji Arts be a positive and rewarding place to work. It's the people around us that make it special – clients and coworkers. Come experience Japanese art with us, and have some fun along the way.

Thanks for taking a minute to meet us!
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